X Hashtag Strategy

Our Approach to Hashtags on X   

Channel Overview 


Ideal number of hashtags per post: 1–2  Source


Placing Hashtags 


Within Post Copy

Hashtags should be included within post copy if it’s relevant within the post and used within broad conversations (e.g., #sustainability #biodiversity).


End of Post Copy

If the hashtags are not a natural fit within post copy, it’s best to include them at the end of the post after any URL.


Maximizing Reach


Any tweet that includes a hashtag is visible to people looking through that hashtag’s stream—including users who don’t follow Bayer. 


X also measures trending topics by the increased usage of hashtags. (This is not the only factor X considers, but it’s relevant). As hashtags link published content to broader conversations and audiences, this trend barometer can be also personalized by location and who you follow. 


We recommend being very specific and strategic when it comes to selecting topical hashtags on X because users are often looking for specific, timely conversations on this channel.


species of life

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