The Bayer Cross

The Bayer Cross endorses an app with the umbrella brand.



Ideally, the Bayer Cross will be in the same position on all devices. However, there are two approaches to app design: firstly, with navigation and toolbars separate from the application "stage"; secondly, where the application "stage" is full-screen. For the first kind of applications then the Bayer Cross is always placed at the same position, top right. Full-screen apps can place the Bayer Cross freely on stage. 


Sample header with Bayer Cross for a non-full-screen app

Size and color

The size of the Bayer Cross is 72 x 72 points for IOS and 79 x 79 dp for Android.


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Download as SVG (4 KB)

On darker backgrounds a reverse version of the Bayer Cross is available.

Download as SVG (4 KB)

Download as SVG (4 KB) Download as SVG (4 KB)