Celebrate Pride Month with our Bayer Pride logo

Two rainbow flags are waved and the text "Pride Month"

Pride Month: dedicated to diversity and acceptance 

June is Pride Month: a time to celebrate the LGBTQ+ community worldwide. Public events and awareness days are traditionally scheduled in June, with the month tracing its history back to the start of the gay pride movement with the Stonewall uprising in 1969.


Inclusion and equality are important every day – but participating in Pride Month is especially meaningful. It is a chance to support and represent LGBTQ+ people, to amplify their voices, and to acknowledge and tackle the difficulties they still face today.


Taking part in Pride Month is a sign of solidarity and a powerful way for the LGBTQ+ community and their allies to come together, fight for what is right, and show our acceptance. 

Showing our commitment to inclusion

To make our support for Pride Month transparent to the public, we have adopted a new version of the Bayer logo, usable for a limited period around the month of June, based on the colors of the Progress Pride Flag – designed in 2018 to reflect an even wider range of people and groups than before.


Using the redesigned logo might be a relatively small change, but it is a way for us to live our inclusive values. With its use, we can show solidarity with our colleagues within Bayer, our customers and partners, and the broader communities we serve.

Bayer logos
The design of the special Bayer cross mirror the colors of the Progress Pride Flag and are sorted to create an illuminating impact. This gives the Bayer cross a dynamic and shining impulse matching the spirit of the Pride month.

How to use the logo

The logo was designed to be optionally usable and readable on different channels, including web pages and social media, given its rainbow design.


To give the logo the greatest possible appeal, we recommend using the logo on a white background only. Remember that this is a time-limited logo, only for use around Pride Month in June, or for discussion of related topics or for other LGBTQ+ equality events.


Take a look at some examples of how to use the logo below.

Optional pride-themed email signatures

You may temporarily use rainbow-colored slashes instead of the usual one-color slashes for Pride Month and for LGBTQ+ equality events.

Mail Footer


Order Flags from the Bayer webshop 

You can also show your commitment at our buildings and other physical locations during Pride Month, using a specific flag design. Respective flags can be ordered in the web shop. Log on via SmartBuy (for internal use only).

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