E-Mail Signature Setup

A professional e-mail signature is essential to make a good impression on recipients. E-mails with missing or inconsistent email signatures can be easily dismissed as phishing. On contrast, the consistent use of an e-mail signature eases the sender identification, promotes the brand recognition, and finally leads to certainty among the recipients. The respective local legal requirements should also be fulfilled. 


In the following we explain what employees need to know to set up their e-mail signature in accordance with the Corporate Design. 


The first and preferred option includes the possibility of creating the e-mail signature in Outlook by using the empower application. 


For this purpose, you can find the respective software package in the Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub on your computer bottom left of your menu bar. Just search for “empower” and install the empower Outlook, Word, PowerPoint. This version includes the possibility of creating the email signature in Outlook and to use the Word templates. 


For further assistance please see here or contact the Viva Engage Community. Once you have created your profile the signature update will be managed on a central level. In this case it is not needed that the user adjust their e-mail signatures after the address or the responsible management has changed. That’s a great advantage and makes life easier.


Keep in mind that some personal data need to be managed in the menu Profiles. You can change the content, but if you change it, the data will be not synchronized with master data.


Alternatively, you can adjust the existing mail footer directly in Outlook by following the menu route “File / Options / Mail / Signatures” and adding the needed information pieces and design elements. Please take care that the Data privacy information are a mandatory part of the mail footer and add in case that it is legally required. Find more information on the design of the mail signature here. In case that the office address or the management changes you must adjust the mail signature manually. 


Mobile devices: iPhone, iPad or Android


How to generate a colored mail footer on your Apple mobile devices:

  1. Copy your own new mail footer to clipboard.
  2. Call up the IDevice mail footer.
  3. Mark complete previous footer and insert the clipboard.
  4. Now wait for it ... shake the iDevice until the message "Revoke Attributes" appears.
  5. Confirm this message ... and voilà... the signature is colored.

In terms of further questions please contact your local IT support team.


If you have any further questions about this or any other section of Bayer Identity Net, please contact:

Mail footers for contract partners, external staff and freelancers

External staff, contract partners and freelancers have to be clearly identifiable as such. This also due to legal reasons. To reduce complexity and to ensure a worldwide uniform branding therefore all external mail footers must follow the same rules. For further details check out the E-Mail Signature design page. On this page you will find the download files you need to create an e-mail signature by your own. 

Mail footers for contract partners, external staff and freelancers