Company and Divisions

Bayer Cross and Text "One Bayer, One Brand, One Voise,

One Bayer. One Brand. This is the aspiration to further raise the strength, value and profile of the Bayer brand by using it in a focused, clear and effective way.


Wherever possible “Bayer” is used in isolation, free of any additions like business units, departments, initiatives, activities, brand names, etc. Using these terms in combination with “Bayer” weakens the impact of our Bayer brand. The focus on the Bayer brand allows us to communicate in an even more customer­oriented manner. As in the mind of our customers:

  • Aspirin is a brand coming from Bayer.

  • Eylea is seen as a pharmaceutical brand from Bayer.

  • Seminis is a vegetable seed produced by Bayer.


Naming and branding


  • Rule:
    The only Corporate Brand (name) of our company is


  • Exception:
    Although, due to local requirements / specifications, the use of the Bayer brand name may differ in terms of official names of legal entities or country organizations and job titles.

  • Bayer is always written as “Bayer”, with a capital “B” but NOT in all capitals.

  • Bayer ideally stands alone, without additional names. The combination with generic words is possible, e.g.:
    – “The Bayer brand name.”
    – “The Bayer logo.”

  • Bayer in general should NOT be abbreviated as “Bay” and be used as a prefix for a name, brand or product, although there are a few historical exceptions (BayArena, BayDir, BayG.A.P.)

  • Bayer should NOT be used with a hyphen (“Bayer”-Something).

  • Rule:
    Bayer should NOT be used with an apostrophe (like “Bayer’s”). The genitive of Bayer should always be formed with an 'of ' or a 'from'. Creating distance between the Bayer brand and the name by using 'by' is also allowed.

  • Exception:
    The use of “Bayer's” is permitted in cases with abstract terms such as business, expertise, experience, know-how, innovations, experience, etc. Here we describe one facet or strength of our corporate character.

  • Examples:
    “Bayer's expertise in crop protection”, “Bayer's seeds business”, “Bayer's know-how in health care”, etc.


Bayer Oncology or
Bayer's Oncology


Bayer Leaps
Bayer Vegetables


Bayer Food Chain


The Bayer business unit Oncology or Oncology, a business unit of Bayer


Leaps by Bayer
Vegetables by Bayer


Food Chain Partnership by Bayer


  • The three divisions of Bayer – Crop Science, Pharmaceuticals and Consumer Health – are organizational units but not brand names and not brands. See how to write them in the following boxes:


Bayer Crop Science


Bayer Pharmaceuticals


Bayer Consumer Health


The Crop Science division of Bayer or Crop Science at Bayer


The Pharmaceuticals division of Bayer or Pharmaceuticals at Bayer


The Consumer Health division of Bayer or Consumer Health at Bayer

  • The division names should also not be abbreviated (like CS/BCS, BP, CH/BCH, PH/BPH).

  • ln general, Bayer should be the preferred name we use in our communications.

  • Only in cases where it is necessary or of additional value to speak about our divisions, or where divisional affairs are directly affected, should we use the divisional names.

  • There might also be exceptions due to legal requirements or in cases that the legal entities' names are used. Exceptions should be kept to a minimal extent.


Naming in digital and social

Focus on the Bayer brand

To avoid the impression of non-existent legal entities and to strengthen the Bayer brand, a ‘Pipe‘/between Bayer and the business area/initiative should be used.


Prepositions help create searchable and user-friendly channel names that allow us to separate ‘Bayer‘ from the topic and ensure the topic is not thought of as a legal entity.


Country title inclusion

Country designations should be included in handles and account names, e. g. Bayer Norway.

Business partner name translation

To create a consistent approach, countries should retain their Bayer division name in English unless there is a regional legal entity for the division utilizing the locally-used country name (e.g. Bayer 대한민국 Consumer Health [Korea]).


Product channels

Product channels should add the Bayer cross to the account/profile image/profile banner.


Digital channels (URLs, domains, etc.):


Platform Channel name before Channel name optimized
Facebook Bayer Service Center Gdansk Bayer Poland I Service Center Bayer
Facebook Bayer CropScience Canada Bayer Canada I Agriculture
Facebook Agro Bayer Peru Bayer Peru I Agro
Twitter Bayer Traits Canada Traits by Bayer Canada
Instagram Bayer ltalia Bayer ltalia
Instagram Bayer 4 Health lndia Bayer lndia I Health
Twitter Bayer G4A G4A by Bayer or Bayer I G4A
Bayer Ophthalmology
Bayer I Ophthalmology
or Ophthalmology by Bayer 
Bayer Middle East or Bayer ME or
Bayer in Middle East 
Instagram Bayerturk Bayer Türkiye





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