Company Security Cards

In the interests of a consistent corporate identity Bayer security cards follow the Bayer design rules, just as all other stationery items do.


Ground rules for Bayer company security cards



Every company security card has to contain the following relevant information:

  • Bayer Cross 

  • Full-format facial photo shot against a neutral background 

  • Card information, title 

  • First name, family name 

  • Wallpaper background with gray Bayer Cross 

  • Holographic security features (e.g. globe) 


A maximum of one line is available for the card information. Academic titles can be included. The use of titles abroad should comply with local customs.


The different kinds of production files can be downloaded in the download section on the right. Please note that the design data come with an automatic approval process to ensure only authorized persons can work with these files.


If you have any questions about the design or production-ready files for security cards (professional printing), please contact




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