Data Privacy Requirements for Apps

Data Privacy instructions on setting up websites are intended to provide a global legal framework based on Bayer's data privacy principles:

  • Privacy by design
  • Privacy by default
  • Principle of transparency
  • Principle of data minimization
  • Principle of storage limitation


Nevertheless, if local laws are contrary to Bayer’s global instructions, employees are allowed to apply to local laws, subject to prior consultation and authorization by LPC Express, who will to some extent involve local colleagues from the Law, Patents and Compliance (LPC) department, in case such involvement is required. 


However, employees are always obliged to check the legal permissibility of the use of personal data collected from websites in cooperation with LPC Express.


For a legally compliant implementation of data privacy measures, please follow instructions set out in the article “Good Practice for Data Privacy on Apps(accessible with Bayer accounts only). For a fast and smooth cooperation, it is recommended to prepare respective documents/text demands before getting in touch with LPC Express. 


Responsible for the content of the data privacy requirements

Björn Malinka
Head of Data Privacy Functional Governance