Brand Tonality

we are visionary, optimistic and passionate

ln terms of communicating with people and being understood by them, it's not only about WHAT you say but HOW you say it. Just as each person has their own tone of voice, so does Bayer. Our voice should reflect the attributes of our brand personality: visionary, optimistic and passionate.


ln today's world. it's not enough to simply ‘sound like a person’. The challenge is to stand out in a crowd. Therefore, speak and write in a way that makes the difference and avoids cliché phrases from typical generic corporate and business speak. Let's use our voice to remind everyone that we aren’t a faceless organization. We are people, writing and talking to people – in an empathetic, personable, respectful and understandable language.


Realistically, not every sentence can be distinctively and exclusively ‘Bayer’. Sometimes the use of generic and formal language is inevitable (e. g., in the areas of reporting, Iitigation, regulation). But apart from that: let 's be different in how we speak, how we write and how we sound.


How to speak and how to be perceived


How to speak and how to be perceived

Tailor your style of writing and the words and expressions you use to the needs and capabilities of your target audience. Make your readers or listeners understand and benefit from what you say, which can be achieved best if you use clear, concise and simple language that can be easily understood.


Some practical tips for better writing

  • Choose the most familiar words and avoid scientific language and abbreviations unless they are appropriate.

  • Try to stick to one idea per sentence and to one topic per paragraph.

  • Use examples, images and graphs to make your ‘story’ more vivid and tangible.

  • Structure your content according to “first (or most important) things first”.

  • Make it personal by using the active voice, pronouns, and/or writing in the first 


Some practical tips for better writing