Information Classification (IC)

Information is an essential asset to fuel innovation at Bayer. Furthermore, it’s essential to protect our information to safeguard Bayer’s competitive advantage. Information classification helps identify and classify our intellectual property. It indicates the need, priorities and expected degree of protection.


Additionally, it is always important to take information classification into consideration in the case of e-learning. We, therefore, differentiate between three classifications: internal, restricted and secret.

If you would like to obtain more information about IC, please visit our IC SharePoint where you can find information about the current status, training, and IC poster, as well as informational materials and much more.

When developing e-learning programs, please be aware that:

  • Labeling of classified information in a WBT is mandatory.

  • The content owner is responsible for labeling classified information.

  • Internal or restricted information must be labeled at least on the first page of the web-based training.

  • Secret information is not allowed to be included in any WBT.


You can find the standard WBT template with IC labels in the template section.