Product videos/TVCs

Product related videos/TVCs will allow the Bayer brand to become more emotional. As with any other media, the visibility and impact are increased if the Bayer Cross is used in a uniform style and format. The rules below apply to any kind of moving images used in internal or external communications: TV commercials, product videos, tutorials, interviews, etc.


The following section contains rules for


Overview of animated Bayer logos


Animated logo in top-right corner on dark backgrounds


Animated logo in top-right corner on light backgrounds


Longer product videos: middle placing on dark backgrounds


Longer product videos: middle placing on light backgrounds


Branding of product TVCs and videos

Recent research has shown that respondents who are aware of Bayer as the manufacturer of a specific product perceive such a brand significantly more positively than consumers or customers who are not aware of Bayer as the producer. Through consistent use of the animated logo specifically developed for all TVC and product videos we will maintain this more positive perception.


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Product-related TV end frame for Consumer Health brands:     

Rules on how to use the TVC logo animation in product TVCs and videos:

  • Product TVCs: the animated logo is placed in the top-right corner of the screen
  • Longer product-related videos: the animated logo is placed in the middle of the frame
  • Visible at least for 1 second
  • Always visible until the end of the TVC, i.e. no fade-out beforehand 
  • Never modified in any way (i.e. position, length, animation) 
  • The standard TVC logo animation is without a tagline, though in exceptional cases it can be used with one. The Spanish and Portuguese taglines are subject to approval and can be supplied by Corporate Branding on request.  
  • Files are available as animated logos (with and without sound branding) or as single individual frames. 
  • No impact on legal disclaimers at the end of the TVC 
  • Compliance with all legal regulations of a particular country mandatory 
  • No compromising on legibility of Bayer Cross: As it has to be clearly visible even on “restless” backgrounds, the background of the end frame of a TVC must be planned prior to the shoot or production. 
  • Choice of animated TVC logo with white or with blue typeface (for dark or light backgrounds) 
  • Backgrounds identical or similar to the Bayer Corporate Colors – bright green, Bayer green, bright blue, Bayer blue, Fuchsia and Raspberry – not permitted 
  • Data to be scaled up by 140% for 4K productions




The TVC system detailed above is designed to work in the broadest possible range of regions and television sizes worldwide. By keeping the brand mark within the 4x3 Action Safe zone, you ensure that older-style televisions do not cut off or obscure the Bayer Cross.

Product-related social media end frames for Consumer Health brands: 

Rules on how to use the TVC logo animation in social media: 

  • All the above rules applying to product-related TV end frames for Consumer Health brands also apply to social media end frames.
  • The space between the logo and both the top and the right-hand margin of the video is 1B.
  • The size of the logo is 1/9th of the shorter side of the video.

Guiding principles for radio advertising 

If possible, the product name and corporate sender “…. from Bayer” should be mentioned in every radio commercial for products.