Account Request for External Users

External advertising and PR agencies, film production studios or other external partners are basically permitted to access Bayer Identity Net (BIN) if the Bayer employee they are working with (their sponsor) authorizes that access.

You can approve access for external agencies by yourself. The agency should have the following link and fill in the respective account request form:


Occasionally, these external partners find that access is denied. What has happened? In many cases Bayer employees are unaware of the fact that external partners who are registered with BIN are regularly checked to see if the account is still in use. If a particular external partner has not logged in for a while, BIN staff will check with their sponsor. If the sponsor does not respond, refuses the request for information or no longer works for Bayer, the external partner will be barred from accessing BIN. To regain access, the external partner needs to send a mail to and inform the sponsor. Once the sponsor approves access, the external partner will be again permitted to log in to BIN.




If you have any further questions about this or any other section of Bayer Identity Net, please contact: