running printing machine, graphic collage of the printing process and the text "Blind Copy: Main tasks and responsibilities of Printer text"

A “Printer” is either a label, shipping case, foil or bag manufacturer.



For any new printer quality checks in printing are mandatory. Please contact ASM-Team to get a PDF test form for a test print in printers commercial environment. Some samples should be send to ASM-Team to verify printing result and UV consistency.



A Printer is responsible to

  • download high-resolution, ‘ready-to-print’ PDF artwork files from e-Label-Server
  • process printing-specific adaptations (e.g. bleed, trapping,…)
  • convert CMYK parts of the PDF artwork file into Pantone to guarantee improved quality only for specific packaging (e.g. foil, shipping case,…)
  • create printing plates
  • create printing proofs for the internal quality control process
  • manufacture the ordered packaging



Data management

The Printer needs to handle the data management of our PDF artwork files internally. They should not hand back responsibilities to us by sending back from them adapted PDF artwork files for review and approval. This can only be done (as an exception) in case of a first print of a brand where we want to see how colors look like or in case we request to change – on short notice – a PDF artwork file.


Storage of examples

A “Printer” is required to keep some examples from every print run. They should be able to provide these on individual request.


Consistency in printing process

Printer must ensure that proof complies with PDF artwork file & that printed packaging complies with proof and PDF artwork file.