How you can help

How you can help

The main takeaway is this: Bayer’s brand strength and value isn’t just the domain of the branding or marketing teams. It’s something everybody in our company can contribute to unleash the full potential of the Bayer brand, no matter who they are and what they do.

Every interaction with a customer, partner or colleague is a chance to embody our brand values and personality. Every creative asset or public communication is a chance to use our visual identity and voice to their full potential. On their own, individual actions might not seem important – but they absolutely are! Because they combine to create a consistent brand across the whole of Bayer: all our geographies, business functions and target audiences. That’s something very powerful – and it will contribute to growing the value of our brand, and therefore the company as a whole.


We all represent one bayer

If you are wondering what this means for you, and how you can become a successful Bayer brand ambassador, here are some general principles to consider:

  • Effective external interactions start with internal understanding! So take time to read through the guides in the Academy, and elsewhere in the Identity Net, to ensure you understand what Bayer stands for. That will make it a lot easier to get it across to others.

  • We are ONE Bayer – so think of yourself as the face of the whole company, not just your particular team, division or product. Focusing on our overall brand, which in turn strengthens our product brands, is the most direct way to generate value. So our goal is to communicate the same identity and voice across all of Bayer.

  • Consider every aspect. A brand includes a visual identity, of course, but it’s also a way of talking and sounding. It’s a whole personality! So don’t underestimate the breadth of opportunities you have to support the brand. For specific guidance or examples of how to make the brand really work, please look through the other pages in the Academy.

Remember: this is your brand, and its future is in your hands! It’s a responsibility, but it’s also an opportunity to drive our collective success and to shape the brand according to the unique way you see it.


There are many guides and how-tos in the Academy, but they’re not designed to restrict or dictate how the brand is used. In fact, it’s the opposite: to give you a framework so you can confidently support the brand and help to unleash its full potential. Within that framework, how you communicate our brand is up to you. If you need further advice, you can always contact – we are always happy to support.


Together, let’s bring the brand to life!


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