Roles & Responsibilities


roles & responsibilities


Enabling Virtual Assistants is supported through the organization, which provides strategy, implementation and content support. Furthermore, a good mix of input and expertise is a key part of the process:


Project Owner:

  • ensures adequate resources are available
  • validates requirements
  • secures budget
  • approves project
  • application owner (if desired)

User-Test Group(s):

  • User testing is a crucial success factor in an iterative approach. Representative user groups will continually test the bot content until the desired quality is achieved.
  • The project lead will help identify suitable test groups. Any additional support and suggestions from within the project environment on suitable test candidates are welcome.

Content Owner:

  • defines the content scope of the project
  • provides necessary knowledge and content
  • supports with bot testing and approves content
  • remains content-owner once chatbot is running (if desired)