Choosing a Supplier

It’s not always easy to choose the right partner to develop an app. In addition to considering their capabilities, timing and pricing, it’s also key to assess the quality and reliability of their work—including how well the app is managed throughout its lifecycle. To support you in this complex decision, the Bayer procurement department should be involved in your project from the beginning. This team has extensive experience with mobile app projects, maintains a list of preferred suppliers and are experts in price negotiations.


Once you have found your supplier, you should make sure to address all important aspects in the service contract, including the following:


  • The copyright for an app and contents (text, images, multimedia) must be assigned to Bayer
  • Bayer owns and receives app source code and all relevant documentation 
  • Bayer has permission to use relevant linked resources including code libraries
  • Testing strategy including test deployment
  • Agreement on bug fixes, support issues, updates and future releases
  • How the relevant KPIs can be measured from within the app


The procurement department will help you draft a relevant contract based on standard service delivery contacts.


Sample mobile app implementation service delivery contract (Word document, 278 KB)

Sample mobile app operations service delivery contract (Word document, 306 BB)


Developers must be registered so that they have access to the Bayer Webguide - Digital Guide and can familiarize themselves with relevant requirements and specifications for mobile app development.


The Inhouse Bayer mobile app department also offers a range of services related to the development of mobile apps.