Active Online Listening

Active Online Listening

Strategic and targeted active online listening (AOL), also called Social Media Listening or Monitoring, provides a great overview over current topics, opinions and key players in relation to Bayer:


Which topics are being discussed in the social web? Who are the influencers in my field and what is their opinion of Bayer, our services or products? When used efficiently, it can provide valuable insights to support informed decision-making in a variety of business contexts.


AOL implies monitoring external sites and channels with user generated content not initiated by Bayer and focuses on the analysis of online conversations without actively publishing content or responding to a user’s comment.


AOL projects can be one-time research initiatives (e.g. consumer perceptions report, online campaign tracking, identification of online thought leaders) or long-term programs (e.g. brand watch or issue management).


Irrespective the timeframe analyzed social media conversations may include adverse events of our drugs which have to be reported to the responsible 

Pharmacovigilance group within 24 hours upon identification (or 1 business day for trained external agencies with a Pharmacovigilance agreement in place).