Our corporate design guidelines also apply to on-screen presentations. The corporate PowerPoint templates detailed here are binding for all presentations across the Bayer Group. In view of the innumerable internal and external PowerPoint presentations created by Bayer staff worldwide, a consistent brand appearance is just as indispensable in this medium. On the one hand, these templates ensure brand image consistency and strengthen the corporate icon; on the other hand, they allow a degree of creative and conceptual freedom to ensure proper localization and customer relevance.

You can use the empower application for Microsoft Office to automize and ease the creation of your presentation. The application can be installed easily by using your Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub.


Company Profile


General rules

When new presentations or charts are created, the basic PowerPoint templates are binding for all parts of the Group. This particularly applies to frequently used corporate or customer presentations. As all the data are regularly updated, please check to see if you have the latest version before creating a presentation. Please use the 16:9 format for new presentations. You can easily include 4:3 charts in the 16:9 templates – please check out the “how to guide”.

The images on the front cover of each PowerPoint presentation can be adjusted individually, i.e., you can insert specific images that represent, for example, the key activities of your division. Several images have been specially selected for use in PowerPoint presentations. We would recommend, wherever possible, to use the images provided with the templates in the PowerPoint chapter. 

It is also possible to use different photos from the Media Pool photo library. However, the character of the images on front covers should comply with the CD guidelines as presented in the Photography section.

empower for Microsoft Office Power Point

Create outstanding Bayer brand compliant PowerPoint presentations quickly and easily with the empower application for Microsoft Office. Use the correct templates, slides, images, and more from our company-wide asset library. Instantly searchable, ready-to-use assets, professionally built templates, powerful formatting tools, charts and design checks make your presentations perfect.

You can install the empower on your PC via the Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub for free.
Visit the Bayer empower Yammer Community for more information. Only possible for Bayer users.

With the empower application you can search the pictures and videos from the Media Pool and add them to your Power Point presentation directly. This tool eases not only the selection of suitable images but also to create presentations that respond to our brand. For this please enter the search term in the search bar of images or videos section and wait few seconds for the results. If you move the mouse cursor over the thumbnails, the information window appears, and you can see the information about the picture. In addition, empower supports the daily work through centralized provision, e.g., aligning objects or adjusting their sizes. 

All assets there are licensed for Bayer and can be used for business purposes.

Talk to us if you are interested in the upload of your own product related presentation template.  We can help you and guide you through the process. The only precondition you should fulfill is the Bayer brand conformity. 

The PowerPoint templates available here have been primarily developed for use on Windows PCs. They should, however, work on Mac computers as well. If you want to use an Apple iPad for a presentation, please download the free PowerPoint app via the App Store. This app enables you to present, but not to edit. If you do not want to use the app, we recommend that you convert your presentations to a PDF format, which functions smoothly on such devices.

Before finishing and sharing your presentation, run the Accessibility Checker of the PowerPoint menu bar to make your content easier for people with disabilities to read and edit. Click on the Review tab and select Check Accessibility. This will open the Accessibility ribbon which we recommend using.

Download templates
PowerPoint 2010 user guide

The PowerPoint user guide gives you easy-to-understand, step-by-step instructions on how to convert your existing PPTs into the new PPT template format. It also tells you how to change photos, update the header or footer and integrate content.

User friendliness: In presentation mode the user has the option to jump directly to the desired section of the presentation via the agenda items. To return to the agenda, click on the Bayer Cross upper left.

Download profiles
Company Profile

The Company Profile contains the most important financial figures 2023. We will soon complete the updated Company Profile with some slides on the strategy of the Group and its divisions.
These ppt decks provide you with slides on topics across the Bayer company including Crop Science, Consumer Health and Pharmaceuticals businesses. It serves as a pool of slides of which you can choose the ones for your own presentations as needed. The slides are allowed to be used for internal and external purposes, if not indicated otherwise.

Using copyrighted material in your presentation
If you have any questions, please contact your Bayer Identity Net expert.
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