Product Brands

Product Brands

Our product brands are an important component of our brand strategy. The carefully targeted interplay between product brands and the Bayer umbrella brand is a critical factor for business success. Therefore an important aspect of the Bayer brand strategy involves a systematic combination of corporate and product brands in order to better utilize the great potential of the Bayer Cross at a product level.


The corporate rules ensure that the image of Bayer products maintains a consistent identity in all forms of public presentation (e.g. packaging, advertising and point-of-sale information) via the systematic combination of product brands with the corporate brand.


Role of product brands and rules for application

  • In certain areas, the product brands are the direct interface with our target groups. That’s why it’s imperative to ensure the effectiveness of the product brands, while at the same time positioning them carefully in relation to the Bayer umbrella brand. A product brand may not appear without the corporate brand (the Bayer Cross).

  • Communication about a product brand must include the Bayer Cross.

  • As a rule, the Bayer Cross will be placed close to the product brand – in the same area and at the same level.

  • The individual conditions, requirements and strengths of the product brand must be taken into account in positioning the Bayer Cross.

  • While an optimal balance between the product brand and the corporate brand must be created, it is important to ensure that the products do not lose their familiar product appearance.

  • The size of the Bayer Cross is determined by the established guidelines (B ratio) for the relevant medium.


Management of product brands

Consistent compliance with our design rules ensures the following:

  • In a competitive environment the products will be clearly recognized as Bayer products and their origin will be quickly obvious.

  • Trustworthiness, safety, quality and consistency will be communicated via one of the most famous and respected brands: Bayer.

  • Positive associations with the Bayer brand initiate a consistent image transfer to the product brand, and vice versa.

  • The Bayer brand presence will be enhanced at the point of sale.

  • There will be implementation advantages in marketing, e.g. for less familiar products and for the launch of new products (cost and speed advantages).


In this way our product brands will become even stronger value drivers.



In brief: The Bayer Identity Net and the key corporate design elements

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