Address Labels

There are two kinds of address labels: neutral and branded. Both display the Bayer Cross.


Neutral or branded address label?

address_label_476You can use a neutral address label on a branded envelope, but you must use a branded label on an unmarked/unbranded envelope, parcel or package. To print a branded address label download the InDesign file in the download section. The Bayer Cross must always be printed in four colors (Euroscale) and the company data in Neue Helvetica in dark blue.


How to order address labels

Please order address labels in the same way as you have ordered stationery items up to now.


The procurement process differs across the Bayer world. In Germany, for example, address labels are individualized and produced by Territory, via this SmartBuy link (link for internal use only) and in the U.S. stationery items are produced by Ricoh USA Inc. The order process is described here (link for internal use only).

The one worldwide exception is that the following companies must use this Open Shop link: Territory (link for internal use only).

  • Pallas AG 

  • Bayer Real Estate 

  • Bayer Travelboard 

  • Bayer Weimar 

  • Bayer Schweiz AG 

  • Bayer Consumer Care AG

  • GP Grenzach 

  • Bayer Vital GmbH

All other legal entities and companies worldwide are kindly requested to contact their local procurement department.



Address label downloads

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