Image Advertisements

Image advertisements promoting our employer branding must create a strong impression and possess high stopping power. We use inspiring full-scale images in combination with a communicative headline in order to bring the vision of Bayer’s employer branding to life.


Design of headline and graphic device

The employer branding compositions are based on the interaction of two elements: the headline and the graphic device. The design and the colors used depend on the image chosen. Headline design and graphic device


Ready-to-use image-ads

In the download section you’ll find ready-to-use Image ads in DIN A4 format (210mm width x 297 mm height). 



A4 portrait page structure

A4 portrait page structure

The width of the Bayer Cross is 1 B. The logo is placed in the top-left corner, leaving a gap of 0.5 B to the top and 0.5 B to the left-hand side.


The height of the tagline is 0.15 B. It is placed in the bottom-right corner, leaving a gap of 0.5 B to the bottom and 0.5 B to the right-hand side.


B is equivalent to 12% of the shorter side of the format.

Inclusion of QR codes

Inclusion of QR codes

A QR code can be integrated to increase the impact of the advertisement. The QR code can be placed in the bottom-left corner, leaving a gap of 0.5 B to the bottom and left-hand side on a white or transparent background. The QR code has a minimum size of 10 mm.

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