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Pharmacovigilance Contacts


Claus Nagler
Phone: +49 214 30 67258

In-house Services

The Mobility Engineering team of Business Services offers mobile app development. This service is based on a factory approach, allowing for quick and cost-efficient app development. The service is delivered based on the standards set in the Bayer Digital Guide. The maintenance of the apps developed is also covered by the service offering. Details can be found on sharepoint.


  • Technical Project Management / Project Management

  • Technology consultancy:

    • Identify the best-fitting solution based on requirements

    • Support defining solution architecture

  • Usability consultancy: applying the concepts of usability engineering in order to increase UX

  • App development: implementation support for iOS apps, web-based apps, cross platform apps

  • Prototyping: creating mockups (paper- or software-based)



For general inquiries about the Bayer Digital Guide:


Andreas Holger Gatzen
Phone: +49 175 3014923