Introduction of Distribution Marketing Module

DMM – an easy tool to roll out your campaigns globally


Say goodbye to back and forth amendments with your agencies, and hello to DMM! With DMM (Distribution Marketing Module), you can easily customize global campaign assets to fit your local market needs without any design skills. Simply choose from pre-set templates, change editable elements like images, languages, text, and save in various formats for printing and digital use.

Campaign owners can pre-set all languages, formats, fonts, font sizes, text colors, editable areas, locked up areas for all the campaign asset templates in DMM, which are accessible for registered users worldwide. End users can then customize and localize these assets with desired languages and images to fit the local market needs. Users are able to save the localized design in PDF CYMK for printing, PDF RGB for digital use, also in JPG, INDD, and PNG files. A new function “Dylation” (disproportional layout change) enables you to save the new production in various formats for social media channel posts, BayerNet posts, or any printable Rollup banner and posters. 


Installed in the admin portal of Media Pool, DMM is directly connected with Media Pool, which means you can use any license free images and other assets from media pool to produce your desired graphics. You also have another option of uploading images from your own PC. If you wish, campaign owners can create an approval process for any new designs in the system. 
DMM ensures brand consistency for global campaigns while also being accessible to employees in any country with language options. And the best thing is, no graphic design skills are needed! The DMM is a cost-effective way to produce a wide range of assets in house, without relying on external agencies.


We've already put DMM to the test with our latest global Branding Campaign "Science for Better" in April, and now we're excited to open it up to potential global campaigns for their local implementation. Whether you're launching a corporate or divisional campaign, DMM is the perfect tool for local implementation.