Security Labeling

Many of the documents you write contain sensitive information. That’s why information security is an important priority for a globally operating company like Bayer. Read on to find out how you can protect sensitive information by labeling it.





The information you handle day after day is always important, but the degree of sensitivity varies greatly from document to document. Labeling documents according to how sensitive the information contained in them is will help everyone to deal with such documents correctly. That is why we have now established three labels for Word documents and PowerPoint presentations: “INTERNAL”, “RESTRICTED” and “SECRET”.

All the information about the right use of these labels and how to correctly distinguish them is constantly being updated and can be found in bundled form on Bayer’s Information Security intranet site (for internal use only). This site will guide you through everything you need to know and also has some very helpful FAQs.

The labeling tool, which will soon be available, has been optimized for Bayer templates downloaded from Bayer Identity Net. The labels will automatically be placed at the bottom right corner of the document, as the following PowerPoint charts show:




For example, if you choose the “RESTRICTED” label, PowerPoint presentations in 16:9 will look like this:




Word documents with the “RESTRICTED” label will look like this:


Labeling essential for Word and PowerPoint documents
From now on, please make use of this labeling solution for ALL your Word and PowerPoint documents. And if you have any questions, please contact us ( or the Information Security Team directly via Bayer Intranet (link for internal use only).




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