Why a strong Bayer brand is so important

Why a strong Bayer brand is so important

Before we get into different ways of using and supporting the Bayer brand effectively, we need to answer the fundamental questions: What is the purpose of a brand? Why do we need a strong one? And how Bayer employees can really contribute to it? Let’s dive in…

We live in a world of brands. You are likely to encounter them every day – while commuting to work, shopping, browsing websites, watching television, or during any number of other activities. But you don’t need to see brand elements ‘in the flesh’ to know and understand them. They go deeper than that.


Without checking any sources, can you name some examples of powerful brands in the consumer world? Chances are, you can. Perhaps you thought of a brand like Nike, Apple, Samsung, Amazon, McDonald’s, or BMW. Why can we recall so much about these brands? It’s certainly not just because of their logo or brand tagline. It’s because they embody and strengthen their brands in many ways that touch different aspects of our lives: look-and-feel, how they talk to us, the quality of service they offer, the ways they differentiate themselves from others, the people and personalities associated with them. 


Brand examples


Establishing a brand with this level of complexity is challenging work. And it’s work that is never finished, because brands always need to be reinforced and nurtured. But that work is worth it because brands deliver real value. They generate positive interactions and customer loyalty, make companies more attractive places to work, embed resilience, and make it easier to expand or launch new products and services. All of which has a real impact on company value and revenues.

5 things a strong brand can deliver…

1. Improved recognition and customer relations.
Customers who recognize your brand are more likely to evaluate your products positively and stay loyal.


2. Word-of-mouth marketing.
A strong brand also increases the likelihood that stakeholders will recommend you to others – a powerful marketing boost.


3. Revenue support.
A strong, premium brand increases willingness to pay higher amounts for products or services – thereby helping keep revenues high. 


4. Attract talent.
People are usually proud to work for well-known and respected brands. So it becomes easier to hire, keep and engage talented people.


5. Weather disruptions:
If you experience a crisis, the ‘bedrock’ of a strong brand makes it easier to withstand and bounce back from it.



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