Image and Multimedia Copyright

It must, at all times, be ensured that items published online do not infringe the trademark, personal or other proprietary rights of third parties. If you are in any doubt, contact your legal department before anything is published.


The Bayer Media Pool

Most images in the media pool of Bayer Identity Net have been acquired with the necessary rights for international use and do not need additional attribution. The rights information for images (where and until when they can be used) is always clearly documented and can be checked easily.


The Bayer Media Pool


Images of people

Any person depicted in a photograph or video has what is called the "right to one's own image" or the "right of publicity". If an individual depicted has not consented to the use of their image, and there is no general consent agreement covering such use, this consent must first be obtained before the image is used. There are exceptions to this for pictures in public places or group photos but, in general, make sure you have the consent of someone before you put their image online.

Furthermore, the consent of the person pictured is separate from the any agreement with the photographer or other copyright holder.


Good Practice for Film and Photo

Data Privacy Templates on DP Cockpit


Media from other sources

Usage rights for media, such as graphics, images, photos, text, videos, etc., must be obtained before use.


Unless otherwise agreed with the license holder, copyright Information must be fully and clearly attributed  below or next to the relevant media. It is not sufficient to keep just a list of rights.


Sample image with caption and copyright attribution




YouTube videos

Videos from YouTube or other video platforms may only be used if the original rights holder has unequivocally given their consent. Otherwise (most cases) such videos must not be used because of the potential residual legal risk to Bayer for violating third party rights.


When embedding videos please follow any data privacy requirements such as ensuring tracking cookies are disabled.

If you have any questions, please contact your Bayer Identity Net Expert
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IT Law
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