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New Updated Version of Corporate Compliance Policy

New Updated Version of Corporate Compliance Policy

Global rollout in 2020

On 1 November 2019, Bayer updated its Corporate Compliance Policy. The updated version of Corporate Policy No. 1986 is aligned with Bayer’s BASE Principles and available in nine languages (English, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, French, Japanese, Chinese and Russian). The country organizations are requested to translate the Policy into their local language if that is legally required. Electronic distribution is mandatory and all Bayer employees can access the Policy on Bayer Identity Net and via the Corporate Compliance Policy App.





The updated Corporate Compliance Policy integrates Legacy Monsanto's Code of Conduct, which has now been formally repealed. This update also incorporates Bayer’s new corporate identity and features vivid relatable pictures and a user-friendly layout. Like the previous version, the policy contains our ten business conduct principles.

Country organizations are free to create their own communication measures and for this purpose we can provide additional resources.


Additional Resources

  • Editable InDesign files: Local organizations can use the editable files to incorporate their local Compliance Hotline information, as well as translate the policy to additional languages.
    Please note that in order to edit the Indesign files the user or the agency needs to purchase their own license for the Bayer corporate typeface Neue Helvetica (LT W1 G).

  • Rollout guidance: You can find additional information about the global rollout on this document.

  • Basic onboarding slide deck: A PowerPoint presentation is available for F2F onboarding.

  • High-resolution images: All images used in the Corporate Compliance Policy are available for internal use only.



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