Imprint, Legal Notices and Content Ownership

Legal notices are a crucial part of the e-learning program. The imprint has to include the content owner and all information stipulated in the regulations of the Bayer Digital Guide published on the Intranet (for internal training): Imprint Requirements


The content owner is responsible for the accuracy of the WBT (web based training) content as well as for its technical functionality.

This includes the following responsibilities:

  • Regularly reviewing if the content is up-to-date and updating it if necessary
  • Requesting the deactivation of the training item if there is already a new version or it is no longer needed
  • Defining a target group for the training offering and  regularly reviewing it 
  • Ensuring the technical compatibility of the content with the standard Bayer IT environment (e.g. Operating System (OS), Learning Management System (LMS), browser standards, etc.) or adapting the content if the technical standard has been updated or changed

In case you are not the content owner anymore, share the name of your successor with the coordinator.


The content owner is also responsible for the accuracy of the imprint.

The imprint should contain information about:

  • The person responsible for the content
  • The content coordinator
  • The content producer
  • Support contacts (if support is supplied)
  • The content publisher (depending on the hosting platform)
  • The rights to images or other media used (if applicable)


Here is an example of a standard imprint page:




Below you will find a detailed description of the information required, where the {placeholders} need to be filled with the correct information:

Responsible for Content

{Bayer Company}




Contact: {contact person} - {email address}

(The Content owner is responsible for Content. The contact information here can be customized to customer preferences.)

Bayer Direct Services GmbH
Learning & Training

• Content and learning management

• Coordination and development of electronically based training

More …



{Development Company}
Contact: {email address}


Published by
{Bayer entity} {Department}

represented by the managing director {managing director person}
{Address of department}

E-mail: {}

Entry in the Commercial Register of the
{City} district court: {Commercial Register number}

VAT ID No.: {VAT ID No.}

© Copyright: {Bayer entity}, {Department}, {address of department}

(If a WBT is hosted on SuccessFactors / My Learning, then BDS is the content publisher. If the WBT is hosted on a customer SharePoint, or a customer webserver, or the WBT is distributed as a standalone version without LMS (i.e., on CD), then the customer is the content publisher.)


Rights to Images

Chapter / Subchapter / PageImageCopyright
{chapter or page number} 
© {copyright holder} - {image repository if applicable}
Used in each ChapterController “Paul”© min Jung GbR
Chapter 1: IntroductionQuestion mark icon© ILT Solutions GmbH
Chapter 1: IntroductionLaptop 1© sdecoret –
Chapter 3: PlanningLogos BayReP© BHC
Chapter 3: LIFT support structureWhiteboard© yukipon00 –


If a WBT has page numbers, those should be used instead of chapter names or chapter numbers. If a WBT has neither page numbers nor chapter names or chapter numbers, the images need to be listed in order of appearance. Any image is listed only once, even if it occurs several times in the WBT. A link to the actual image URL in the image repository (i.e., to can be set on the image name in the image name column. If there are a lot of image rights to be listed, it is possible to outsource the list to an external PDF file, which should be linked here instead of the list.


Coordination with German Joint Works Council

According to the German Works Council Constitution Act (Betriebsverfassungsgesetz), works councils have a co-determination right regarding the implementation of further education.

This also includes the Web-based trainings (WBTs).
Co-Determination of the Works Council