Summary and Objectives

The legal notices are a crucial part of a Bayer Website and protect Bayer's rights on the website and content.


The reference documents have been approved by the legal department and are principally valid for all Bayer websites worldwide. They should, therefore, be considered as the bare minimum for all Bayer websites. The documents may need minor changes to comply with the law in your country, or require additional information or documents. If so, or if you have any questions about their content, or concerns about their validity for your website, then please contact your legal department.


Before being published on your website the documents must be completed with information applicable to your purpose.


Apart from the intranet, every Bayer website must include a statement of the Terms of Use, a Privacy Statement and an Imprint. On the intranet every Bayer website must include an Imprint.


All legal documents must be accessible from every page of a website.

Teleservices cover the following areas, in particular:


  • Services designed for personal communication (e.g. data exchange)

  • Services designed for information or general communication (e.g. stock exchange details, the propagation of information on goods and services)

  • Services offered in conjunction with the use of the internet

  • The provision of goods and services from electronic databases with interactive access and immediate ordering options, irrespective of whether the use of such options is completely or partly free or whether it is provided against the payment of a fee.


Transaction sites are sites on which Bayer collects, processes or utilizes the user's details. This includes sites where orders can be placed as well as sites where a user merely specifies personal details, for instance, in order to obtain information from Bayer.

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