Recruitment Advertisements for Print

As we expand and continue to change and reshape our business for sustained, profitable growth, we are recruiting a wider and growing diversity of talent, with different employee types, needs and desires. As a result, we believe a one-size-fits-all approach to Talent Attraction no longer fits the needs of our business. This has an impact on the design of our job advertisements.

Please note: The design of online recruitment ads differs from print ads, as online ads depend on format specifications from SuccessFactors and Eightfold.


Examples of the recruitment ad formats for print and digital application areas

Recruitment Advertisements for Print


Job advertisements are powerful tools to help applicants understand the requirements of the positions in question and encourage qualified candidates to apply. The job itself, and more specifically the job description, is extremely critical in guiding and selecting candidates. That is why a well-phrased advertisement, including the appropriate expectations, will help us to attract only candidates who fulfill the requirements of the respective position. Moreover, candidates who do not meet the prerequisites are likely to refrain from applying.


In addition, the probability of attracting the “right” candidates via a job advertisement is higher if the ad is more specific and detailed, since it helps candidates to decide if the position matches their personal/professional profile. We all know how important first impressions can be. Job advertisements are essentially the first impression we make on potential employees and often influence a candidate's decision as to whether to apply or not. Since job advertisements are also image advertisements for Bayer as an employer, we need to focus on the most crucial messages about the specific position, as well as give a positive impression of what our company is all about in a limited amount of space.


Bearing such considerations in mind, we need to take great care in how we design and use our job advertisements. By creating eye-catching and effective job ads, we provide clear and comprehensive information to ensure that we attract potential employees.



In the right margin (blue download box) you will find templates to create your own recruitment ads. Depending on what fits best for your needs, you can choose between larger landscape and smaller narrow formats or even square formats, which are particularly suitable for social media:


InDesign (INDD)

  • DIN A4 portrait
  • DIN A5 horizontal 
  • Narrow format (width 135 mm, flexible height)


  • DIN A4 portrait
  • DIN A4 narrow image format
  • US letter portrait
  • US letter narrow image format

PowerPoint (PPT)

  • Digital job ad template (PPT, square format)


Bayer Cross dimension and position

On Advertisements, the Bayer Cross is placed at the top left. To ensure optimal legibility, choose the appropriate version of the Bayer Logo:

  • Bright backgrounds: Corp-Logo_BG_Bayer-Cross_Basic_print_CMYK
  • Dark backgrounds:   Corp-Logo_BG_Bayer-Cross_Rev_print_CMYK

For spacing and clearance around the Bayer Cross, please refer to Key Elements – The Bayer Cross

Finding your images

There are several ways to source relevant and emotive images. 

  • Ask employees in your market to send their own images
  • Commission a photographer capture images
  • Purchase Stock images from high quality libraries
  • Use one of the global images on Identity Net

For guidelines on creating an image library that meets your needs, see:

Our imagery – Impactful story­telling 

Design of headline and graphic device

The employer branding compositions are based on the interaction of two elements: the headline and the graphic device. The design and the colors used depend on the image chosen. Headline design and graphic device

A4 portrait page structure 

A4 portrait page structureThe width of the Bayer Cross is 1 B. The logo is placed in the top-left corner, leaving a gap of 0.5 B to the top and 0.5 B to the left-hand side.


The copy text starts below the key visual, leaving a gap of 0.3 B to the top and 0.5 B to the left-and right-hand side. The Anti Discrimination Disclaimer is mandatory. It is placed at the bottom of the page leaving a gap of 0.33 B to the bottom and 0.33 B to the tagline above.

Choose a matching headline from the headline catalogue
Download PPT Templates
PPT Templates

Checklist for writing compelling job postings in print and online media

Eight steps help define how to write clear and compelling job postings. These steps apply each time a job posting is written. Checklist for writing job postings


Put the job in context

Emphasize the experience of being in the job, not just the responsibilities involved. Include information such as:

  • How the job connects to the organization’s strategy
  • How the job connects to the employer branding
  • Specific goals and performance objectives of the job
Emphasize details of the day-to-day responsibilities

Provide specific details about the responsibilities involved, including:

  • Typical projects 

  • Resources and technologies used

Describe the qualities of the ideal applicantDescribe the personal qualities of the ideal applicant, and not just education and experience. Include details of the ideal applicant’s work style based on the Employee Value Proposition (EVP) proof points (e. g. challenging, empowered) and interpersonal style (e. g. comfortable speaking in public).
Indicate whether each qualification is required or preferredIndicate whether each qualification listed is required or preferred, as agreed on with the hiring manager.
Insert a selling statement

Carry out the following steps to create a compelling selling statement at the beginning of the posting:

  • The selling statement should always reflect and display Bayer's employer branding and the respective content of the EVP. 

  • Identify one or two differentiating features of the job as compared to other jobs ideal candidates may be applying for (e.g. development opportunities, work-life balance, part-time, flexibility in working hours, diversity, location).

  • Insert a specific succinct statement describing the differentiating feature(s). 

  • Include persuasive evidence, if available (e.g. typical career paths from the job, profiles of supervisors, employee testimonials, sample projects). 

  • Determine whether specific candidate groups need a tailored statement. 

  • Also include persuasive and varied verbs throughout the posting and ensure use of the employer branding tonality.

To reassure yourself on the specific content you want to communicate, the communication and messaging framework provides you with more information on the promises and relevant proof points as well as the employer branding driver.

Remove any organization-specific language
  • Define department and product names. 

  • Spell out acronyms. 

  • Do not use terms specific to the organizational culture. 

  • If possible, have another person read the job posting for clarity and comprehension.

Check your job description regarding gender-neutral language

Seek and correct the following:

  • Spelling and grammatical mistakes 

  • Formatting inconsistencies

  • Inconsistencies in employer branding language and style 

  • Usage of employer branding tonality 

  • Outdated information