Business Cards

Business Cards

A uniform look for individual business cards is just as crucial as for all other stationery items. After all, your business card is also an advertisement for Bayer. That is why compliance with the rules detailed below is of paramount importance.




Ground rules for all Bayer business cards

Please read the following information before ordering or designing any new business cards.



  • All business cards feature the Bayer Cross. 

  • Cards can have nine lines on the left-hand side plus up to four lines for your name and job title, depending on the length 

  • The mandatory details on the card are name, job title, legal entity, address, phone number, e-mail address and Bayer website. In case of doubt, please check your e-mail footer for relevant information.


Layout and print information

  • Starting from the bottom of the card, the information may extend no higher than the top line of the Bayer Cross. 

  • Double-sided cards are only permitted in two cases: for bilingual purposes or inclusion of a QR code linked to an electronic business card (vCard) on the back. However, you must not split the contact information between the front and back of a card. 

  • No additional information, e.g. product logo or claim, advertising or event-related information, photos or any other elements other than those described in this section are permitted. If in doubt, please contact

  • Standard business cards are printed in four colors (Euroscale). 

  • Graphic design templates (InDesign) and PDFs containing the design details are available for customization purposes in the download section. Information on where to order cards can be found under “Ordering Business Cards”.


Distributors and retailers:

  • Neither the Bayer Cross nor our product trademarks may be used on the business cards of distributors or other external partners. We would ask you to always consult Corporate Trademarks (for internal use only) and Corporate Branding if you receive a request concerning business cards by an external partner.

    See more details under Trademark Management.


Double-sided Bayer business cards

Example of a business card with a QR code

Bilingual cards must feature exactly the same details on both sides. One of the two languages must be English.


If you want include a QR code, please note that only vCards are permitted. QR codes referring to product websites or other advertising links are NOT permitted!


If you have any further questions about this or any other section of Bayer Identity Net, please contact:

The QR code has to be placed on the same side as the names of the apps (see illustration for details) with a minimum length of 18 mm. To generate a QR code, please contact your local supplier or printer.


Ordering Bayer business cards

Legacy Monsanto employees, please refer to the green box at the top of the page for more information.


In Germany business cards are individualized and produced by Territory, via this SmartBuy link (link for internal use only).


The business cards are also available digitally for mobile devices. It allows you to share the data easily by using an individual QR code.
Users of the SAP ARIBA can order the digital business cards as usual via the normal shop. Please see the PDF file in the right margin for further instructions concerning the ordering process . Do you need help during the order process, feel free to contact:

+49 5246 50 30 3 6238
+49 5246 50 30 3 6214


In the USA Ricoh USA Inc. is the preferred supplier for Business Print (which includes, Bayer-branded stationery, letterhead, envelopes, and business cards) and has launched a catalog for standard items. The catalog is accessible in Smartbuy. For further information see the respective page in the BayerNet (for internal use only).

In other countries type Go/Smartbuy into your browser. Or find it under Quick Links > Buying > Smart Buy on BayerNet. Click on the Marketing title -> Print & Pre-Press -> Select the service category that best describes your needs > proceed with the ordering process. In cases that the process does not work, please contact your local procurement department.


The one worldwide exception is that the following companies must use this Open Shop link: Territory (link for internal use only).


  • Pallas AG 

  • Bayer Real Estate 

  • Bayer Travelboard 

  • Bayer Weimar 

  • Bayer Schweiz AG 

  • Bayer Consumer Care AG

  • GP Grenzach 

  • Bayer Vital GmbH


All other legal entities and companies worldwide are kindly requested to contact their local procurement department.