Distribution Strategy

The distribution strategy determines how an app is available (e.g., in which stores and countries and/or on which devices). This ensures that users are not confronted with multiple versions (say one for Germany and one for China) of the same app, or that an app is not in their language. Additionally, this also helps to consider legalities around publishing, such as restrictions on product information.


Apps must be approved by the relevant communications and/or marketing department before development starts.


Clear ownership of all apps by Bayer removes any ambiguity and ensures that apps can be updated or withdrawn at short notice, should it be necessary. Apps may only be published through the Global Mobility Group.

Distribution Checklist

Before you submit an app for publishing, please check the following items:


  • The app has been developed in accordance with Bayer's design and development principles

  • The roles and responsibilities for operations have been assigned

  • A feasible date for the app publishing has been set

  • App monitoring is in place

  • App statistics can be collated

  • User support will be available

  • The compatibility with future mobile OS releases is arranged

  • App updates are planned for

  • The process for decommissioning the app has been considered

Publishing Apps

All apps must be published using MIRA so that the relevant workflow, including any approval steps, can be followed. Questions about the publishing process should be directed towards the Mobility Engineering team.



When requesting publication of an app then detailed information on restrictions such as a particular operating system version, form factor (mobile phone, tablet or both), country, language, age, etc. must be provided. All relevant assets for all target platforms must also be supplied.


All apps must be tested on real devices before submission and a list of tests maintained.


Detailed information about the publishing process can be found on MIRA (Bayer intranet only).