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Zanussi Packaging

Roundup® products are made to meet user requirements with a range of different sizes, including 1 L, 5 L, 15 L, 200 L, and the 640 L shuttle. The individual labels have a standardized design, and are adapted to the dimensions of the individual formats.

Overview of different stock-keeping unit (SKU) sizes


Product design examples


Sahara Packaging



In addition, the design of the new packaging of the dry formulation is governed by the following criteria: The product logo, the main product benefits with icons, the technical data, and the QR code must be shown.


Owing to the lengthy and costly production process, the instructions for packaging design must be adhered to.


Allowed modifications

  • The product name “Sahara” can be customized, but it is not allowed to change the color orange

  • Total text and working icons can be changed

  • QR- and EAN-Codes can be customized

Modifications not allowed:

  • Replacement of the product logo “Roundup®” is not allowed

  • It is not allowed to resize or change the icons

  • The green zone is not changable

  • It is not allowed to change the size and positions of the white zones

  • It is not allowed to change the size and position of the transparent window

  • It is not allowed to change the green line



Packaging design Sahara


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