Naming Strategy

Names should be easy to understand and communicate, and clearly related to the purpose of an app. An app name, therefore, has three main purposes:

  • Help an app be found in an app store
  • Identify an app on a device
  • Be easily remembered


As the Bayer Cross is part of the launch icon, it is not essential to have the word Bayer in the app name. However, this may be possible where appropriate to the content, e.g., “Bayer Magazine.” Otherwise, do not attempt to create new brands and names using “bay” or “bayer” such as “myBayFastApp.”


If you intend to create an app name, you must first discuss this with Corporate Branding and Corporate Trademarks.


As space on many devices is limited, app names should be as short as possible. If a longer name is required, you should also consider an abbreviation strategy. Be careful when using abbreviations as they can easily infringe third party rights. Always get in touch with Corporate Trademarks if you would like to use an abbreviation.


Additionally, there may be naming restrictions in app stores, so you should research those policies and existing app names.


Translating names

Many apps are available to users around the world in different languages. In such cases translating the app name may be part of the marketing strategy that needs to be considered before development starts. For example, “Pill Reminder” is known as “Hora da Pilula” in Brazil.