What about the Bayer brand?

What about the Bayer brand?

Overall, we have a strong brand at Bayer. To people outside the company, the Bayer brand stands for scientific expertise, high quality, and the delivery of trustworthy products that people benefit from.

Guided by our purpose “Science for a better life”, we deliver breakthrough innovations in healthcare and nutrition. We look to achieve long-term profitable growth and make a positive contribution to society and the environment. At Bayer, growth and sustainability go hand in hand. We are working to make our mission of “Health for all, Hunger for none” a reality. Both – purpose and mission – are in the centre of our Brand Model which defines and shapes who we are – and what we stand for – and explains the interaction of our Mission, Purpose, Personality and Brand.


Our Purpose


Of course, Bayer has a brand of its own, as well as numerous product brands. How much value are they contributing?


That translates into positive impacts for us. Our regular brand evaluations show that our product brands are evaluated far more positively when people know Bayer is the manufacturer. The company brand supports confidence in our product brands – and vice versa. And Bayer colleagues benefit from feeling part of ONE Bayer, with an aligned approach and a visionary, optimistic, passionate personality. 


At the same time, we can sense that the brand has room to grow. In a fast-changing world, it’s important to keep evolving and updating the brand to meet stakeholder expectations, generate new opportunities, and create value. For example, we’ve established competence as the foundation of our brand, but to grow it further, we can also focus on another aspect: likeability, which is increasingly crucial in a world where brands and consumers communicate more closely and constantly than ever. That’s the reason for our brand journey to become more dynamic, outward-oriented and human.


grow the likeability of our brand


That’s something that won’t be achieved simply by adjusting one element of the Bayer brand. It means embodying the brand values through everything we do, from visual identity to the way we talk and the experience we deliver customers, partners and colleagues every day.

The Bayer brand today (Status 2023)

$5.5bn   Approximate value of the Bayer brand
              [Brand Finance Global 500]

$10bn   Our target value for the brand, we call it our Road to Ten initiative.

83%      Brand awareness across our top 20 countries
             [Bayer Global Brand Tracking]

+74%    Uplift in positive sentiment when people know a product is from Bayer
             [Brand Uplift Study]





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