Bayer in Radiology Common Look

The ambition of Bayer in radiology is to become THE solution provider by 2030. Since many years, we have been successfully selling our portfolio of products to our customers: From devices, services to contrast media and Health IT/digital solutions. 


As 30% of all purchasing decisions are impacted by the image Bayer owns in the minds of our customers, it is critical that all of our offerings come across as coming from one strong partner: Bayer in Radiology.


Thus our design guide (common look) for all marketing and customer facing communication materials outlines core design principles and provides templates that support a cohesive and consistent visual appearance in all channels. Adhering to these guidelines is an investment into our overall image that ultimately pays back to each and every brand and offering. By now the common look is implemented across regions and covers all relevant communication channels, events, and packaging. The guide gets regular updates.


Furthermore, the Common Look design approach builds upon the Clear Direction campaign. This complementary approach helps to contribute to the broader Bayer in Radiology image while strengthening product promotion. As all material across channels become aligned and complementary, share of voice can be maximized and enable an effective marketing communication.