Engagement Escalation

Strategic Guidelines for Crisis Management 

Crisis identification can come from anywhere at any time in the organization. To ensure all relevant team members are involved from the time the crisis is identified, please reach out to relevant team members which may include country commes colleagues, PASS, HR, etc.


Before you resume your normal posting cadence, decide:

  • Publishing sensitivities — Discuss in operational meetings and newsroom to decide to pause if necessary or reframe content depending on issue. Also evaluate paid. Socialize plan in COMeTogether, etc. 
    • Is this content relevant and appropriate in tone and message in the current social climate and broader media climate?
    • How is this post going to create a pertinent conversation on Social Media?
    • Am I posting this to check a content schedule box, or is this information relevant today?
    • Can I use this content some other time, or is it mandatory to post it today? 
  • QA docs — updates and translations. Share in COMeTogether digital comms sub team.
  • Establish reporting needs on insights + community engagement (align on scope with kickoff call and update as issue evolves determining frequency, channels, proactive vs reactive, socialization). Share in newsroom. 
  • Evaluate internal employee communication needs — determine what is needed for BayerNet and how we will monitor the employee conversation.
  • Determine leader engagement 
  • Update web if needed 
  • Determine how to reach key decision makers, content creators and publishers outside of normal business hours 

Escalation Process Scorecard 

Escalation Scorecard

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Crisis Process 

Future Crisis Process

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