Our Brand

ONE company, ONE brand

The Bayer brand is a strong communications tool and one of our company’s most valuable assets. For more than 150 years, our brand has stood for competence, high quality and trust. Our journey towards a more dynamic, outward-oriented and human brand has started in 2018. 


The Bayer Cross has become an icon for these values. It represents both our scientific heritage and competence, visualized by the blue side, and our progressive, warmer and outward-focused side, symbolized by the green side.


Global Brand Tracking data tells us that competence is foundational to our reputation. However, to unleash our full potential, we need to stronger tap into opportunities to grow likeability:


Our journey towards a more dynamic, outward-oriented and human brand continues

Brand Journey
Bayer Brand Journey


The Bayer brand is not just iconic, it is also well known around the globe and drives our positive company reputation. In fact, our products are evaluated 74% more positive when clearly linked to the Bayer brand. In other words: Our global brand also strongly supports our business.




is our average brand awareness.

(Global Brand Tracking 2023)


74 Percent


more positive product evaluation through link to Bayer brand.

(Bayer Reputation Dashboard 2023) 



Brand model: Clarity on Bayer essentials 

The brand model is the long-term foundation of our brand. It defines and shapes who we are – and what we stand for. It impacts what we sound, look and feel like as a brand, shaping brand communication and experience.


The brand model unifies the essential elements of our brand: our purpose, vision, promise and personality. In so doing, it ensures alignment across Bayer.


Who is it for?

  • It has been designed for a broad internal audience.
  • But it is also relevant for partners and agencies (e.g. PR agencies, recruitment partners) who need to understand our brand.
  • Do not share it with the general public. We rather want to communicate our brand through experiences and actions.



Our Purpose


Our purpose: Science for a better life

Our purpose is the enduring reason why we exist. It encapsules the core to who we are as an organization and drives everything that we do. It sums up our goal to provide science-based, innovative products, solutions, and services that help make life better.


Our purpose is our DNA. And that is why it is at the center of our brand model: 

  • It defines why we exist as an organization.
  • It’s our enduring truth and the starting point for all our actions.
  • Science for a better life is also more than just a tagline and thus a key brand asset.


How to use our purpose

  • Use it to explain our reason for existing as a business.
  • Use it to explain why we do what we do.
  • Use it as the visual expression of the purpose in communications when appropriate.

Learn more about our purpose




Our vision


Our vision: Health for all, Hunger for none


This is where we are heading. Our vision is our moonshot ambition. It boldly sets the direction for what we strive to achieve in the future. And it is understandable for everyone: We want to contribute to a world where basic human needs such as health and nutrition are met.


We place our vision at the top of our brand model because:

  • It’s our boldest and most audacious goal.
  • It connects the brand with our group strategy.
  • It ties into our sustainability and inclusion & diversity strategies.


How to use our vision 

  • Remember it’s a vision – and not a brand promise, claim or slogan.
  • Always put it into context to avoid misunderstandings.
  • It’s primarily used internally.
  • It’s also used for sophisticated external audiences and investors, particularly in the context of sustainability.

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Our promise


Our promise: Helping people and planet thrive


Our promise pinpoints what we commit to delivering to customers, patients, consumers and the society. We aim to fulfill this promise through the products and services we provide today.


Our promise is a key element of our brand model and provides clear guidance:

  • It makes our commitment clear and ensures everybody at Bayer is aligned with this commitment.
  • It describes the feeling we want to create through brand communication and experience.
  • It helps us focus on the benefit and output of our work (helping people and the planet thrive) rather than on the input (science and innovation).


How to use our promise

  • Use our promise when expressing our commitment to our customers.
  • Use it to convey the benefits we aim to create through our work.
  • Use it to arouse emotions through our communication.
  • Remember it’s a promise – use it for direction and to help build internal understanding, but not as a slogan or headline.




Our personality


Our personality: Visionary, Optimistic, Passionate


Our personality is all about how we communicate and present ourselves. It sets the tone for our brand by defining key attributes. In our brand communication and experiences, we strive to bring this personality to life.


Visionary Acting as a leader and being
confident in driving progress
Optimistic Inspiring positivity: yes, we can create a better tomorrow.
Passionate Where our sense of duty and enthusiasm are combined.


We celebrate our personality because:

  • It defines and expresses the image we want Bayer to have – both internally and externally.
  • It helps us move forward on our journey of becoming a more dynamic, more outwardly oriented and people-centric brand.


How to adopt our personality

  • Reflect our personality in our brand communication and experiences.
  • Implement it in the tone of voice of our written and spoken communications.
  • Use it for creative direction regarding visual expressions.
  • Remember that we do not communicate our personality externally (except to our partners and agencies). We rather want to be judged for what we do and how we do it – not how we describe ourselves.



Brand narrative: How it all comes together

At Bayer, we want to make lives better. And we believe science is the key. 


Since our foundation, we’ve built our reputation by delivering on our purpose: “Science for a better life”. We’ve brought essential products to millions around the globe. And we’ve become a trusted brand that everyone, everywhere can rely on. Together, we’re helping people and our planet thrive. 


Now, we need to ask ourselves: can we do more? What if we could create a world where everyone can be healthy? Where no one goes hungry? Where good healthcare and proper nutrition are available to all? That’s our vision. It’s bold. But it’s possible.


To make it happen, we're putting all of our skills to the test. We’ll continue to collaborate. To relentlessly develop our science. To bring sustainable solutions to new fields. To create a better future, where life can be lived to the fullest. 

We won’t rest until it’s done.


Brand Model