In- and out-licensing of technologies

Ingredient branding or better the in- and out-licensing of technologies is defined as any reference to Bayer products, traits, or the use of Bayer trademarks on customers' products that have been developed with the help of our products or traits.

In- and out-licensing of technologies can be used as an active marketing tool. It is essential to ensure that co-branded products do not create irritation or uncertainty for customers and promote the brand image of Bayer and our high-quality products.
Since the high-performance product/trait in question is a part of our customer’s product, we have thus entitled them to use our trademark on their product and communications material. 


Principles for using the Bayer, product, trait, seeds brand or branding logo in a co-branding partner's promotion material: 

  • The promotion activities must be approved by Bayer and detailed in a Trademark License Agreement provided by Corporate Trademarks.

  • While the partner’s products may use a specific ingredient branding logo, which will be provided by Corporate Brand Management and Corporate Trademarks, it is also possible to use one of our product wordmarks in promotion material. Details will be provided in the Trademark License Agreement after Corporate Trademarks has assessed the legal situation.

  • Our trademarks are only to be used in their registered form, i.e. with no modifications, declinations, plural endings, or hyphens, and should not be combined with other words. This is to prevent our brand from becoming a name for a whole product category since it could thus become invalid and would no longer be legally protected. Detailed information is available in the Brand Strategy/Trademark (link) section.

  • The cooperation partners must be informed about and comply with the contents of the Identity Net since this is the way of ensuring that the end users understand the relationship between Bayer and its partners.

Examples of in- and out-licensing technologies and the related branding:


Examples of in- and out-licensing technologies and the related branding:

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