General Contacts

Contact for consulting, analysis, design and development of e-learning programs, roll-out and hosting


Kunigunde Fritsch
Learning & Training Coordination
Phone: +49 214 30 44240


Jörg Wagner
Talent & Development Solutions
Phone: +49 30 468 193309


Contacts for Co-Determination of the German workers Council

Commission: New Technologies, Data Privacy and SAP

representative: Jürgen Glade

deputy: Michael Reiterer

Commission: Youth and Education

Representative: Claudia Schade

Deputy: Silvio Nest


Further information and discussion topics about e-learning and LMS systems can be found in the following Bayer internal connections community:

E-learning & LMS Community


Individuals Responsible for Content

Rolf Goetzke (GPO Learning & Training) - HR Talent & Development Solutions



Authors: Kunigunde Fritsch, Chara Balasubramaniam, Sven Baldermann, Matthias Wiencke, Dawn Livingstone, Helen Rushmer-Wilson, Yvonne Trela, Jaqueline Timm, Kristian Klett, Annika Nettersheim-Zobel, and Peter Brown.