Advertisements, Publications and Magazines

All print material published by Bayer must convey the company's unique style and display the instantly recognizable Bayer Cross. You are free in how to design your print publications as long as you comply with the Visual Identity.

Bayer Cross dimensions in different format

The correct use of the Bayer Cross in a well perceived size is a decisive element to guarantee that the awareness of the Bayer brand, its recognition and uplift potential for product brands is realized at its best. 

The "B-ratio"
The recommended diameter of the Bayer Cross (B) is defined by a ratio of the shorter side of the format.

Standard formats:  

(A4, A3 and similar formats)

Standard ratio = B 1/10 or larger

Minimum ratio = B 1/12  

Very narrow or wide formats:     

Standard ratio = B 1/7 or larger 

Employee Publications & Customer Magazines: 

Standard ratio = B 1/8 

Whatever you do, let the Bayer Cross shine in the most favourable glossiness. For spacing and clearance around the Bayer Cross, please refer to The Bayer Cross. There you will find anything you need to know to ensure the optimal legibility of the Bayer logo. Depending on the backgrounds and colors always use the most suitable logo.

Positioning of Bayer Cross

Positioning of Bayer Cross

You can place the Bayer Cross on the left- or right-hand side, depending on what best suits your specific design. The Bayer Cross must never be placed in the middle. 


We recommend using a consistent position for communications from the same family, e.g. a range of brochures.

Product literature and product advertisements

For product literature and product advertisements branding is important to achieve the right balance between product personality and Bayer’s corporate branding. Product Marketing is free to decide, in the light of the product personality, just how close the product branding should be to Bayer’s corporate branding. If it is to be somewhat closer to the corporate look, please feel free to use one or more of the Visual Identity (e.g. colors, graphic device, etc.) and input from the Photography & Video chapter.

Product-specific guidelines

Please note that in addition to the above-mentioned mandatory design elements, legal requirements, the market or competitive conditions, specific rules for product literature or product advertisements may apply. Additional guidelines for end-consumer brands can also be found in the packaging brand manuals and for Crop Science products in the product branding chapter.