The Radiology Design Guidance aims to provide best practice, design principles and approaches when developing the visual design and user interaction of a Radiology device for Bayer. It consists of the following main sections: 


Radiology Device Design

Device Use Environments & Trends

Hardware design


Radiology Software (GUI) Design 

Hardware Device GUI

Software GUI


Instructional Materials

Operation Manuals/
Quick Reference Guide/
Instructions for use (IFU)



Color Tables


This guidance document should be used as a reference with the intent of providing high level direction to inform visual design choices when developing devices. 


It is not meant to be prescriptive or restrict the design process, as each device in development will have its own unique needs, goals and requirements.


The guidance is intended to recommend and introduce design principles to be adopted during development to ensure Radiology devices, software and their related materials share a strong and common visual language.

Brand Values & Messages

Bayer in Radiology and the Radiology device brands emphasize the key values & messages of:

  • Care
  • Confidence
  • Trust
  • Efficiency
  • Innovation
  • Approachability


As such, when developing Radiology devices these qualities should fit the foundation for the device design. 


Brand Values & Messages


Radiology devices from Bayer consist of 4 imaging modalities at a sub level. The overarching 6 brand values and messages outlined above apply to all modalities.

  • CT     -  Computed Tomography                                                         
  • MRI   -  Magnetic Resonance Imaging                                                      
  • CV    -  Cardiovascular Imaging                                                          
  • MI     -  Molecular Imaging                                                                    


The key values and messages outlined span across modalities, devices & software.

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Titel Radiology Design Language Guidance

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