A standard for measuring the learning effectiveness of training programs is Kirkpatrick’s “Four levels of learning evaluation” model.


The following levels are commonly used:

  • Level 1 – Reaction / Satisfaction feedback
    What the participant thought and felt about the training.

  • Level 2 – Learning
    The increase of knowledge or skills. This evaluation usually happens in the form of a test or a demonstration of knowledge.

Level 2 evaluations (online tests) are usually developed in the course of the training development project. For Level 1 – standard satisfaction feedback forms are available in most Learning Management Systems. The system-specific feedback forms and processes can be found in the next chapter.




Evaluation Process in SuccessFactors LMS / My Learning


To get more information about training feedback from users, it is possible to activate an evaluation (feedback) survey. Users automatically receive a feedback notification mail from the system one day after they have successfully completed their e-learning program.


There is a mixture of scale questions and comment fields.

The system administrators provide reports on the evaluation.


Training Feedback Example