A standard for measuring the learning effectiveness of training programs is Kirkpatrick’s “Four levels of learning evaluation” model.


The following levels are commonly used:

  • Level 1 – Reaction / Satisfaction feedback
    What the participant thought and felt about the training.

  • Level 2 – Learning
    The increase of knowledge or skills. This evaluation usually happens in the form of a test or a demonstration of knowledge.

Level 2 evaluations (online tests) are usually developed in the course of the training development project. For Level 1 – standard satisfaction feedback forms are available in most Learning Management Systems. The system-specific feedback forms and processes can be found in the next chapter.




Evaluation Process in SuccessFactors LMS / My Learning


To get more information about training feedback from users, it is possible to activate an evaluation (feedback) survey. Note, however, that feedback surveys should be optional and not required for training completion.


There is a mixture of scale questions and comment fields.


The system administrators provide reports on the evaluation.