Roles & Responsbilities

The following roles and responsibilities should be clarified before an app becomes available for download.





The owner provides the budget for the app and has overall responsibility for the app during the whole lifetime. The owner delegates initial app development to the project manager and app operations to the technical contact. In addition, the owner must estimate the business criticality of the app.

IT Service Procurement

Bayer’s IT service procurement helps ensure compliance and optimal vendor selection including price negotiation.

Technical contact

Is named by the owner and takes care of operational tasks once the app has been published, over the whole app lifecycle. The technical contact manages the end user support as well as app maintenance. Typical tasks include: monitoring of the app; management of change requests, working with MIRA to publish changes. This person also ensures the readiness of the app for new versions.


Develop the app, fix issues and deliver new versions. In practice, there may be several developers working on different aspects of development. They are responsible to the project manager and the technical contact.


Test each version of the app. Ideally this is not the developer, but someone from the target user group (e.g. key user).

User Support

Support for end users of the app, e.g. answering customer requests submitted in the app store or via the contact channel inside the app. The support team is responsible to the technical user.