Using the Bayer brand: an introduction

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As you probably already know all the foundations and guidelines on how to use the brand are collected and published on the Identity Net. 
To give you an overview of the most important aspects consider:


Get to know the Identity Net

Everything you need to know about the brand and its use, you can find on the Identity Net, such as guidelines, templates, and logos. Make use of this handy asset.

Our Brand


Check out the Media Pool

Looking for specific branding assets to download? In the Media Pool you’ll find all the assets for your daily work, such as images, logos, videos and much more.

Media pool


Education on how to use

Do not just use brand assets, but also educate yourself on how to use them. You can find this information on the Identity Net. 

Visual Identity


Collaborate on campaigns

Are you working on a highly visible branding project or campaign? Contact us and we’ll be happy to advise you on aligning it with the brand strategy and make it available via Identity Net.

Identity Net Community


Ask questions and contact

Not sure how to use our brand assets, or have questions about our brand? Don’t hesitate to reach out to us. On demand we support you or your creative agency in individually organized workshops or webinars.

How to use the Bayer brand in product branding

The Bayer brand drives the positive perception of our product brands including the willingness to engage, purchase, recommend and invest. Here’s how you bring the two worlds of corporate and product branding together in a way that supports both areas.


Focus on both the Bayer brand and product brands

Make sure you focus on the most valuable assets: The Bayer brand and the product brands. Divisions, organizational units, and most initiatives are no brands and should not be used as such.

Company and Divisions


The Bayer logo and the product brands

Use the uplift potential of the Bayer brand in your product brand communication. Keep in mind that there are several versions of the Bayer logo. Please choose the most appropriate. You can find them here.

Bayer Cross


The Bayer Branded House of Brands

Bring the product brand and the Bayer brand together –
as close as possible. Make a winning team out of them.
Emphasize the product brand if it’s the better known and stronger brand. 

Brand architecture


Use Identity Net for guidance

The divisions and different outings of the brand, such as packaging, have their specific guidelines. You can find the respective links, downloads and guidance in the Product Branding section of the Identity Net.

Product Branding