How to get started?

Creating a Corporate Webpage

For those planning to build corporate webpages, we encourage you to have a look at the guidelines provided in the following section. 

Please get in touch with the Corporate Content & Channels team prior to creating new content by filing out the below questionnaire!

If you would like to develop a new corporate communications campaign or new corporate webpage, it is crucial that you involve the Corporate Content & Channels team at an early stage. Our team can offer valuable recommendations for your idea and share our expertise in content creation and channel management. We are here to support you on your way, from content format suggestions to promotion strategies and optimizingimproving the visibility of your content through search engine optimization. 

Your detailed answers will help us to understand your planned campaign concept, help us to collaborate effectively and to ensure the successful implementation of your new corporate content. The questionnaire also includes some helpful guidance for you. 


So let´s get started! We look forward to working with you and supporting your communication goals!

Legal Requirements

As part of the overall communication strategy it is essential that individual efforts conform to the relevant communication strategy for your country or region, the relevant division and global brand. Bayer has established minimum legal requirements which your website must comply with, in addition to any specific legislation for your country.

In order to ensure this is the case please contact the unit of your communication department responsible for electronic media before you set up a new website or relaunch an existing one.