Layout Grid

The Code design scales to meet all needs from print to digital executions. Layouts can utilize either a 9- or 12-row horizontal grid to determine the Code's size, with a 9-row grid typically preferred for smaller layouts.

The 9-row and 12-row layout grid


The 9-row and 12-row layout grid

Code sizing is determined by evenly dividing the vertical space into a 9- or 12-row grid. Depending on the canvas size, the Code may span multiple rows to ensure the minimum Bayer logo size is always maintained.


Minimum diameter of Bayer Cross in print and digital applications

In print applications, the minimum diameter of the Bayer Cross is 15 mm. For digital applications with limited space, only one logo can fit in the Code, with the minimum diameter of the Bayer Cross set at 60 px.


Layout Flexibility

While the Code typically resides at the bottom of a layout, it can occupy various positions within a layout, offering marketers flexibility in adjusting communication needs while maintaining hierarchy nuances.


Before and after

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