Presentation Cards



Why not use one of these presentation cards for your next event, workshop, presentation or meeting! Simply download the print files (InDesign files) in the right-hand margin or order printed cards.

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How to produce the cards yourself

If you want to create and print your own presentation cards or add presentation notes to your cards, please use the template provided. However, please be aware that the paper in a regular laser printer might not be sufficiently opaque. We recommend you use heavier paper for this purpose and suggest 130 g/m2. Please first check with your local IT support the compatibility of the printer and the paper you intend to use. Alternatively, you can simply order the printed cards.


How to order printed cards

The procurement process differs across the Bayer world. In Germany, for example, presentation cards are produced by Territory via this SmartBuy link (link for internal use only) whereas in the U.S. presentation cards can be ordered here: Design and Print Services (link for internal use only).

If in doubt, please contact your local procurement department.

The one worldwide exception is that the following companies must use this Open Shop link: Territory (link for internal use only).


  • Pallas AG

  • Bayer Real Estate

  • Bayer Travelboard

  • Bayer Weimar

  • Bayer Schweiz AG

  • Bayer Consumer Care AG

  • GP Grenzach

  • Bayer Vital GmbH


All other legal entities and companies worldwide are kindly requested to contact their local procurement department.



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