Design Phase

The design phase starts with a conception of the training program based on the analysis phase. It then moves to the creation of the training program’s scripts and media materials.


The design phase mainly consists of the following steps:


Step 1: Conception

  • Describing of the learning time, learning objectives, target groups

  • Didactic preparation and structuring1

  • Defining how to draft scripts

  • Defining how to measure learning results

  • Deciding on authoring tools

  • Deciding on developing of integrated concept for a blended approach

  • Planning how to distribute the web-based training (WBT)

  • Coordinating of functional specifications


Step 2: Creation

  • Creating of a storyboard outline

    • rough concept

    • rough structure

    • multimedia intensity approach

    • interactivity level

    • take learnings pre-knowledge into account1

  • Creating of basic contents and medial design

  • Developing of integrated concept for a blended approach

  • Creating of the e-learning layout

  • Creating of speaker scripts or video scripts

  • Creating of individual media (graphics, photos, films, IT simulations, text-editing, audio, animations)

  • Preparing of interactive elements (e.g. animation scripts)

  • Preparing of quizzes, progress checks, and learning games

  • Checking learning success and certification tests2


In this phase you should focus your creativity and resources on the content of the e-learning module and, therefore, use existing e-learning templates.


1 The didactical preparation should also be adapted to the learner’s level of pre-knowledge.Taking the pre-knowledge into consideration helps avoid unnecessary training time and focuses on the most important topics. Especially for larger rollouts, it is often the case that employees have pre-knowledge or even deep knowledge about a certain topic and might not need to go through a complete 30–60 minute WBT.


Possible structural and didactical solutions:

  • Optional pre-test: If a pre-test is passed, the learner does not need to go through the learning material

  • Chapter pre-tests: If a pre-test for a certain chapter is passed the respective chapter does not need to be reviewed by the learner


2 Design principles of certificates. In case the WBT is hosted on SuccessFactors LMS / My Learning, the integrated certificate template editor should be used. The certificate will be issued automatically by the SuccessFactors system after completion of the WBT. There should therefore be no integrated certificate within the WBT so as to avoid confusing the learners. Users will be able to print these certificates easily from their Learning History.