Scientific Posters

Scientific poster sessions are a cornerstone of academic conferences and provide a platform for researchers to present their work in a visual format.


Creating an effective poster for a scientific poster session requires careful planning, organization, and attention to detail. Clearly establish the purpose of your poster. What research question are you addressing? What are your main findings or conclusions? Divide your poster into sections such as Introduction, Abstracts, Results, Conclusion, and References. Each section should be concise and focused, highlighting the key points of your research.


Incorporate visual elements such as graphs, charts, diagrams, and images to illustrate your findings. Choose clear and professional graphics that enhance comprehension and add visual appeal to your poster.


Be sure to follow the Bayer guidelines on colors, typeface, and clear design language to maintain consistency and clarity. The most important design rules are listed in the Visual Identity section.

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Poster sessions templates

To make your work easier and more efficient you can use the templates that have been specifically designed for scientific poster sessions. However, please don’t forget that you are not allowed to use these templates for the design of communication posters, advertising material or decorative elements at conventions, events etc. That kind of material should be designed professionally.


Poster Examples (portrait)


Poster Examples (landscape)



Good to know

Poster sessions templates (for internal use only)
Poster sessions templates