Even in the age of digitization, offline tools such as brochures and flyers are still relevant. This chapter offers tips and templates that support and simplify the creative process.

MS Word templates for creating your own DIN A4 flyers

Now it's very easy to create your own flyer in MS Word: With the new templates, a wide selection of title designs and themes is available. Choose a suitable template from the download area on the right and use the style sheets to design your flyer.


Examples of MS Word flyer templates


Examples of MS Word flyer templates

InDesign templates for brochures in various formats


Brochure title pages

Can't find a template that fits? For designing your own brochure title, InDesign templates help get your message across in a targeted way. Detailed Information about the image selection as well as the design of headline and graphic device can be found below.


Examples of brochure title templates

Brochure inside pages

If you're planning a multi-page brochure, InDesign templates are available in a variety of formats. These templates show design suggestions for double pages with complex content and sample pages with little text. The core elements (Bayer Cross, colors, typography and graphic design) are integrated in these templates.


You are free to design your brochure as long as you apply the core elements of Bayer's visual identity and the general rules for Bayer publications. For detailed information, please refer to chapter Visual identity.


Examples of brochure inside page templates

Finding your images

Are you looking for suitable photos for your brochure? There are several ways to find relevant and emotional images. 

  • Ask employees in your market to send their own images
  • Hire a photographer to take images for you
  • Purchase stock images from high-quality libraries
  • Use one of the global images from the MediaPool


The MediaPool offers a wide range of royalty-free images on various topics for download (see right margin). 


Valuable tips for selecting relevant and emotional images or guidelines on creating an image library that meets your needs can be found in the chapter Our imagery – Impactful storytelling.

Design of headline and graphic device

The employer branding compositions are based on the interaction of two elements: the headline and the graphic device. The design and the colors used depend on the image chosen. Detailed information: Headline design and graphic device


On brochure titles, an additional color layer at the bottom must be implemented to hold the title of the brochure. This color layer bleeds off of the bottom as well as the right and left side of the format and and lets the underlying motif shine through.


Bayer Cross dimension and position

On brochure covers, the Bayer Cross is placed at the top left. The size is 12% of the shorter size of the format. To ensure optimal legibility, choose the appropriate version of the Bayer Logo:

  • Bright backgrounds: Corp-Logo_BG_Bayer-Cross_Basic_print_CMYK
  • Dark backgrounds: Corp-Logo_BG_Bayer-Cross_Rev_print_CMYK


For spacing and clearance around the Bayer Cross, please refer to Bayer Brand – Bayer Cross.




Choose a matching headline from the headline catalogue